Final Road Trip Pics

Here is where I get to post lots of other pics that didn”t make it to the blog earlier.What you all wanted to see: the one iPhone wedding photo we took.Our wedding pictureRelief washes over me after the ceremony (the entire day was just too stressful for me) and Rob adds levity to the day by goofing off as we have lunch across the street from The Chapel of the Bells.San Francisco as seen from the passenger seat.San Francisco Drive-through tree in California. So big an SUV can drive through it.nSeattle. Looks pretty… but it wasn’t one of our favorite cities.Seattle WANot quite sure where this was taken. One state starts to blur into the other.Yellowstone. I love this picture. The sun seemed to always cast a golden hue on the mountains.YellowstoneLove this picture. It wasn’t COMPLETELY posed. He was standing like this and I made him re-pose so that I could take this picture. Love it.YellowstoneI tell Rob to pose and this is what he does.YellowstoneWhen we stayed in Yellowstone we had tent neighbors who were pretty cool and had stories to tell. Here they are lighting their camp fire. With flares. And gasoline. But they interesting and we had a great time camping next to them.YellowstoneRed rock mountains in Wyoming outside of Yellowstone. They were so beautiful that I stopped talking to take pictures. Here are some of the better ones.WyomingWyomingWyomingLunch at Ed Debevic’s with the Weilemanns.Ed Debevic's in ChicagoEd Debevic''s in ChicagoI got REALLY lazy taking pictures after we left Yellowstone. I think my homesickness got the better of me. I had no pictures from Minnesota very few from Wisconsin Illinois Indiana Ohio… then we just drove straight through Pennsylvania New York and Massachusetts on our way home to Connecticut so obviously no pictures of that. Things that surprised me:. The Rokinon is amazing. The saturation of color was so unexpected. Also the color of the sun seems… golden from the west coast all the way through to about Yellowstone in Wyoming. I finally got to see the Milk Way in Yellowstone. It was pretty incredible.

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