Midwest Pics: South Dakota, Madison, Chicago

The Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota.Corn PalanceChilling in Wall Drug in South Dakota.Wall DrugHops growing along the wall of the Asylum Ale building in Wisconsin.HopsAfter lunch with friends at Ed Debevic’s in Chicago. Food and friends were awesome.Ed Debevic's in ChicagoThe interior of the Art Institute of Chicago is really neat:Art Institute of ChicagoI think this was my first time seeing this Seurat in person. It’s impressive.Art Institute of ChicagoWhat luck! The Art Institute was displaying Avant Garde graphic design from the WWII era: I studied John Heartfield and did a project on his famous dada propagandist photomontage work. It was awesome seeing some of his pieces in person along with some of his peers.Art Institute of Chicago

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