Arizona to Nevada

Here are a few shots from the passenger seat (and a few from overlooks) of the mountainous-region that is Arizona-Nevada. It’s something that I don’t think I could completely put into words the feeling that you get as you’re driving through. It’s surreal. And the only comparison I’ve had thus-far is a viewing in an IMAX Planetarium movie. As many pictures as I took I definitely couldn’t do mother nature justice. Maybe my photog friends can comment as to why my wider-angle lenses (like the 11-16) kept on flattening the landscape plane but I found that the 50mm was the most versatile at capturing the layers of mountains land road that we actually experienced. When I used the fish-eye lens while I captured peripheral land it came at the cost of squashing the height of the landscape. The pictures still came out beautiful but never quite what I was expecting to get.
Arizona/New MexicoArizona/New MexicoArizonaArizonaArizonaHoover DamLake Mead

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