Midwest Pics: South Dakota, Madison, Chicago

The Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota.Chilling in Wall Drug in South Dakota.Hops growing along the wall of the Asylum Ale building in Wisconsin.After lunch with friends at Ed Debevic’s in Chicago. Food and friends were awesome.The interior of the Art Institute of Chicago is really neat:I think this was my first time seeing this…


Here are a few pics from Yellowstone. Here is Rob in front of our tent while we’re watching Elk come down into our campground.Right after this pic was taken Rob called out “no!” to the elk. And he stopped!Barely a mile into Yellowstone from the northern entrance.nWalking the boardwalk to Mammoth.nOne of the geysers. Don”t…

Idaho to Montana

Here are some pics from our trip in Idaho to Montana. Lots of mountains. Also my first time camping.Read about our journey in Idaho to Montana.


Here are some pics from Seattle.Read a little about our trek from Oregon to Washington.


Pictures from Northern California. Check out the post about our travels.

Arizona to Nevada

Here are a few shots from the passenger seat (and a few from overlooks) of the mountainous-region that is Arizona-Nevada. It’s something that I don’t think I could completely put into words the feeling that you get as you’re driving through. It’s surreal. And the only comparison I’ve had thus-far is a viewing in an…

Trip Pics part 1

I wanted to post some large-scale pictures of my trip since my Roadtripvacation.wordpress.com site can’t show them the way I want it to. Sunrise in San Antonio. The golden light was so gorgeous.Rest stop in Texas. Rob stretching his legs. And posing for the camera. He’s gotten pretty good at it.One of the dead towns…