Ghost Bus Tour


The Worcester Palladium stop on the Ghost Bus tour with Iwrestledabearonce was a hot night. The place was filled to the rafters with kids moshing, crowd-surfing and screaming along to some pretty amazing hardcore acts. I covered this show for The Punk Arriving late meant that I missed out on Chelsea Grin, but was just in time for metalcore heavyweights The Chariot. They are a complete assault to the senses and the members on stage are never still long enough to snap a clear picture of them, which lead to some interesting chaotic pictures. At one point, singer Josh Scogin leapt clear over my head, to stage dive into the crowd, and later, climbed up the 10-foot tall speakers to scream out a few verses. They writhed on the stage floor, threw the mic stand around the stage, and generally had little disregard for their own bodies. It was one of the most incredible acts I have seen. Connecticut hardcore act Bahh Black Box is one of the few bands that I’ve seen that could rival that set. The Chariot have a new fan in me.

The Chariot

Next up were Eyes Set To Kill, featuring sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez. They were pretty amazing live, too.  Check out these awesome pics I managed to get.

Eyes Set To Kill

Vanna were by far the crowd favorite, as hometown heroes hailing from Boston made good post-hardcore band. I was disappointed that the crowed thinned slightly for Iwrestledabearonce but that didn’t stop my enthusiasm as they played every song I wanted them to play: “You ain”t no family” “Danger in the Manger”, “Ulrich Firelord”, “The Cat’s Pajamas” ending with their ever-popular “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon”. Their song titles might be ridiculous, but their sound is undeniably rich with pop culture sound samples with dance breakdowns. Singer Krysta Cameron has one fierce hardcore growl but can also belt out melodic verses over guitars that ranged from frenzied grindcore to laid-back lounge/groove. Sound like these elements wouldn’t mix? Check them out for yourself. The band never takes themselves too seriously, except when it comes to the music; they are technically extremely talented and their level of experimentation has gotten my attention, and I certainly can’t wait to see them again.

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