Warped Tour 2010

Bouncing Souls

Covered my first Warped Tour on Sunday and it was brutal! I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend the entire 8 hours at the show, so I figured 6 was a nice round number to settle on. But showing up 2 hours late meant missing Motion City Soundtrack and Dillinger Escape Plan. It was about a bazillion degrees out and packed to the gills with kids, parents, and twenty-somethings with clipboards preaching their social awareness du jour. (Don’t get me started on the fact that various PETA/animal rights groups roamed the grounds, meanwhile there were no real vegetarian meals at the venue. I know, it’s venue vs. independent organizations… STILL – this vegetarian would have liked a choice besides fries or popcorn, especially when I want to make a whole day of it). Anyway, check out the Warped Tour photos on CTnow.com.

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