The Bled

James Muñoz of The Bled I got into The Bled a couple of years ago when hardcore started to infiltrate my iPod and the entire discography of Glassjaw was no longer enough for me.

This was my first shoot at the Webster Underground, which is a tiny corner of the Webster Theater. The small stage, barely 3 feet high, allows for a very intimate setting with the bands who usually encourage the crowd to jump on stage with them, scream along the choruses in the mics, and generally be rowdy.

Singer James Muñoz even hung around the merch table after their set, dripping with sweat, to talk with fans. We chatted about the tour, about some of the obstacles the band has faced – he went so far as to say that sometimes he thinks the band is cursed. They recently lost their bassist as they were about to go on tour, and they had a guy filling in tonight.

Overall, he was completely chill and down to earth and seemed very excited about being on the road again. It was an incredible night, and now I look forward to seeing them come back to the Webster Underground July 22nd!

Some of the setlist: Smoke Breaks, Mouthbreather, Needs, You Know Who’s Seatbelt.

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