Running the Guard

Running The GuardFrom the archives: One of the best shows I got to shoot was a local band I saw while visiting Baltimore, in April of 2009. On an impromptu business trip, I decided to drag my better half with me for a weekend of fun in the port city. Our first night there, I googled around for some good night life and came across the Bourbon Street club, featuring the music of Running The Guard and Coal, both of which sounded right up my alley. My camera was VERY new to me and I’d only shot a few local bands in CT, to varying degrees of success. The atmosphere and demographic for this evening was spot on; I even befriended the guitarist of Running The Guard on Facebook after this show, and still get invites out to shows (though I’m never down in that area, unfortunately). The lighting was amazing – it was relaxed enough so that folks could drink and still have good conversation, but provided ample mood for the bands. Rob and I had a great time, and we have yet to have a similar experience as this fun Baltimore night. Below were the openers, Coal who were fantastic to shoot. They even used some of my pictures on their myspace page. CoalCoalCoalRunning The GuardRunning The GuardCheck out the full photo galleries of Running The Guard and Coal

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