New Found Glory — 2010

New Found GloryMy third time in a year’s time seeing New Found Glory and I’ll keep going to see them as they do not disappoint. This tour was in support of their 10-year anniversary of their self-titled album release. The stage was adorned with large printouts of images from this  album, and the majority of their setlist was this entire album including monster hits “Sincerely Me” — my personal favorite —  “Sucker” and “Better Off Dead.” I was brought back to freshman year of college, which made me feel old as I was surrounded by kids half (quite literally) my age. Check out the photo gallery on CTnow.comThe photo pit was 1 person deep, and filled to the brim with security and photographers. The crowd-surfers made it additionally hard to maneuver and get good angles and shots. I’ll add to this tirade that the monitors were on stage blocking a huge range of my normal camera field-of-vision. Despite all of this, I managed to get some pretty good shots of NFG. They are incredibly animated on stage, making it hard to stay still for too long to get that one great shot. I chickened out at this show and shot in Aperture Priority. I need to either get a GOOD handle on my white balance/color temperature or I should reset to factory settings  as my coloring is NEVER what I want it to be. I kept fussing with my white balance/metering/ISO which I suppose is a good thing; it means I’m trying to experiment.

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