Horse The Band

Horse The BandMy second time at the Worcester Palladium and this time it was a SOLD OUT show. Wow, the Palladium can sell out a hardcore show. I knew it was possible but I had no idea just how big iwrestledabearonce was… or maybe its just that hardcore sells out regardless. I actually got to run into a few photographers, including Karen from The Metal Union who has always been very nice to a newbie concert photographer like me. I learned a few tricks about the Palladium from her that I will definitely have to implement at my next show. Unfortunately, I was in the pit for two of the openers (got some GREAT shots) but because of the moshing teenagers, I lost my spare battery in the crowd and had a dead battery in the camera and hence completely lost out for iwresteledabearonce. I was completely devastated by this and no other photographer that night had a spare that I could use. Lesson learned: I should carry the battery in my pocket or get a better camera bag. Horse The Band were a lot of fun to shoot as the lead singer was very animated (see the above shot) and iwresteledabearonce actually came out during one of their songs which made for a fun evening. See the rest of the Horse The band photos

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